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Where do I begin answering this question? If we are concerned with our inner and outer health and our environment, making the shift to toxin-free beauty products is essential. There are so many reasons why toxin free is THE way to go. Toxin-Free beauty is important because it affects not only what is happening to us physically but also concerns our inner being. There are many reasons why it is beneficial for us to shift to using toxin-free products. Let’s just start with the first five.

1.Your Health

Toxin Free Face CreamsMany of the cosmetics and toiletries we use nowadays contain toxic chemicals which many of us are not even aware of. For example, some of these products have carcinogens which have the potential to cause cancer. These chemicals may also be responsible for disturbing the correct functioning of the system of glands in our bodies known as the  endocrine system.

Also, watch out for “fragrances” which can cause a variety of allergies. They often contain large quantities of chemicals, many of which are often undisclosed. You might like to make it a point to know what is actually in the product you are buying.

By consciously choosing which products you use, and possibly even reducing the number of different products, you might be doing yourself a favour. Fewer products mean less exposure to the quantities of chemicals.

2. Nature Provides

Mother nature provides us with such an abundance and variety of wonderful products, it is really a shame that we do not make Chivesmore use of them. If we can eat something then it must be ok for our bodies too, right? Sadly so many of the products we use are derived from the natural products, manipulated in some way, and then sold to us at a much higher price. Why not go directly to the natural source? And quite often one natural source helps in a variety of ways, with no side effects; often quite the opposite with the chemical substances found in many of our cosmetics and toiletries.

3. Your Inner You will be grateful

Feeling and looking good starts on the inside. Beauty comes from inside and shows itself on the Natural Toxin Free Productsoutside. Using toxin free products will boost your inner health as you gradually reduce the number of toxins running along the rivers of blood in your body. Your immune system will be strengthened, your digestive system will function better and all of this will result in you shining from within. Watch out for that glow coming from within!!!

4. Your wallet will repay you

I have often heard people say they can not afford to buy natural products. Well if we look at the equation, it really is not necessarily more expensive to invest in natural products.

  1. The chemically based, and therefore  toxic products may seem cheaper at first glance.
  2. However, they contain products and by-products which are potentially harmful to our organism.
  3. These harmful products cause illnesses.
  4. We go to doctors who we have to pay to treat us.
  5. They prescribe medication (more toxins) to “help/cure” us
  6. In many cases, the medications have side effects which bring about other illnesses
  7. We go to the doctor for this illness
  8. It is a vicious circle which in the long run turns out to be rather costly, not only in terms of money
  9. In many cases, the chemically based products are actually sold at much higher prices than some of the natural products.
  10. You can actually save when avoiding toxic productshealth you

5. Invest in YOU

This is possibly the most important reason – realising that you are worth the best, and the best is what nature has to offer: toxin free. Take the time for YOU, find out what is good for YOU, because you really are worth it!

Why would you use or not use toxin-free beauty products? What are some of the things you would most like to know about toxin-free beauty and cosmetic products?

14 thoughts on “Why Toxin Free?

  1. CNelly says:

    This is actually something that i have been speaking about a while now..Kind of served as a gentle reminder as to why we should stay away from products that only do harm to our bodies…so thanks for that 🙂 Content was good and was easy to read and understand. Natural products is the way

    • admin says:

      Hi there, thanks so leaving a comment. I so agree especially with your last comment – I really believe that is the way to go.

  2. Nikola says:

    Hi Valina. I couldn’t agree more with what you say. Chemicals put in skin products are mostly poorly tested and no knows what long-term consequences are. I am turning a new leaf and will start by trying to make my own soap and toothpaste. if that proves to be too demanding for complete novice A. K.A. me, I will buy only completely natural. Thank you for opening my eyes even though I was partly aware of all this. Looking forward to your reply, see you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Nikola, thanks for your comments. We all have to start somewhere, once we have the awareness we can make better choices. It is fun making your own stuff, so don’t give up too soon. But there are also many good products on the market which aren’t full of toxins. All the best. Please sign up if you want to get the blogs regularly.


  3. I hear you about chemical-based products. They are just cheap imitations. Nothing beats natural! I’m an AirBnB host and I kept a small collection of shampoo, soaps and creams, all natural, and hypo-allergenic for respect to guests who have allergies (I don’t have allergic reactions to scented products but some guests may) but my guests gave me great reviews on the products provided!

    • Hi karin,

      thanks for stopping by. The strange thing is that so often they use the essence or extracts from the natural plants,
      play around with them, add some chemicals and then sell them more expensive than the original and better natural
      great idea fro your airbnb guests, sure they really appreciate that.
      All the best

  4. Norman says:

    This is the first time that I have heard of toxin free beauty products, but hey this is a good thing who would want to wear nice make up but at the same time it is doing harm to your skin. I believe that nothing is wrong with a women using beauty products but you want to make sure that while you are using them there is no side effect. Gone are the days when a women did not have a choice but in this day and time there are so many to choose from. I know that a lot of women would truly love this post.

    • admin says:

      thank you Norman. Yes I believe we ought to exercise our freedom to choose for ourselves and our health but ultimately also for the health of our planet, because as we use less toxiins we ultimately improve the lives of everyone. Thanks for passing on the message to your circles.

  5. Great stuff I read here Valina!

    As I’m into organic skin care, I cannot agree more with you about toxin-free way of life!

    You just mentioned five awesome reasons why we all have to do something for ourselves in order to live healthier and live longer.

    Thanks for the very informative article.

    • admin says:

      Hi there,

      thanks much for your comments. Yes and I feel it is so important for us to share what we know
      without preaching so that more people will see the benefits of shifting their perspectives and eventually
      or possible adopting new habits.
      Keep up your work too.
      All the best and thanks again

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